If you are intending to transport dangerous goods with us, they must to be booked in and the Dangerous Goods Transport Declaration form completed so that we can transport them appropriately. 

We require dangerous goods to be correctly identified, packaged, handled and documented for safe carriage. Dangerous goods include:

If you are carrying dangerous goods as part of your luggage we require advance warning so that we can ensure the goods are transported on the appropriate vessel. Please advise us by downloading and completing the Dangerous Goods Transport Declaration form or contact us for further assistance.

Failure to advise us in advance may mean your goods may not able to be transported with you.

Cougar Line and transporting dangerous goods

Cougar Line has a long history of safely carrying freight, passengers and their luggage / freight throughout the Queen Charlotte Sounds.

Cougar Line wants to continue to keep all our staff, team and customers safe. We have trained our team to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring that travel on our vessels are as safe as practicably possible.

All our vessels have designated areas for dangerous goods. We have a dedicated freight vessel “Sounds Navigator” with scheduled daily morning and evening freight trips during the week, of which two trips are for dangerous goods only. Our passenger vessels have smaller designated areas allowing some limited quantities and types of dangerous goods to be carried on. Please note that no dangerous goods will be allowed within the cabin area.

Book your dangerous goods

To assist us to deliver your dangerous goods safely and promptly, please book your goods or hazardous substances in advance - use the form below or contact us.

We do need these goods to be correctly identified, packaged, handled and documented for safe carriage. All fuels must travel in an approved fuel container.

If you are carrying dangerous goods as part of your luggage please advise in your booking, complete the dangerous goods declaration form or contact us for further assistance. A copy can also be obtained directly at our office or on board our vessels. We may also request that you provide a copy of the relevant material safety data sheet (MSD) for the dangerous good / hazardous substance if appliable. Cougar Line will have on board their vessels MSD’s for LPG, Petrol and Diesel.

If you are unsure if you are bringing on dangerous goods as either freight or part of your personnel luggage; then to ensure your own safety, please check the list below. We also encourage you to read our document “Dangerous Goods - Cougar Line vessels” for more information on dangerous goods and quantities allowed. If you are then still unsure please contact us for further assistance.

Our skippers are all certified and our crew and onshore staff are all trained and experienced to comply with safe handling and transportation of your dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Commonly handled dangerous goods

Commonly handled dangerous goods on Cougar Line passenger vessels and their allowed quantities: 

  • LPG 45kg cylinders – 2 to 4
  • LPG 9kg cylinders – 6 to 8
  • Fuel (petrol) 20 litres containers- 4
  • Fuel (diesel) 20 litres containers- 4
  • Miscellaneous – up to 20 litres

(Note: quantities are discretionary and maybe limited or transferred to a freight sailing – depending on passenger numbers and type of dangerous good)

Carrying substances over the quantities listed in our Dangerous Goods Cougar Line Vessels document is an offence. Passenger numbers will be restricted if carrying LPG or petrol / diesel and we recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Note: LPG containers need to be certified that they are fit for use – ie inspected within the last ten years. You may purchase certified 9kg cylinders from us - please contact us for pricing.

Our freight vessel

Our Freight vessel Sounds Navigator will be able to carry larger amounts including:

  • LPG 45kg cylinders - 4
  • LPG 9kg cylinders - 8
  • Fuel (petrol) 20 litres containers- 6
  • Fuel (diesel) 20 litres containers- 6
  • Miscellaneous – up to 40 litres

Terms & conditions of travel with Dangerous Goods – Freight or Passenger Vessels:

  • No smoking on board if carrying dangerous goods
  • Dangerous Goods will not be carried inside any cabin area
  • Dangerous Goods shall be carried in approved containers and in good condition
  • Dangerous Goods shall be correctly labelled
  • Dangerous Goods shall be separated according to Dangerous Goods requirements for NZTA
  • Skipper will inspect containers to ensure labelling is correct and containers in good condition and not leaking.
  • Containers will be stored outside the cabin area and towards the stern of the vessel.
  • Containers will be stored in such a way to be jettisoned easily in case of an emergency
  • Dangerous Goods manifest to be prepared and carried on vessel with copy left in Cougar in office
  • Skipper can limit the amount carried for safety reasons including weather.
  • Cougar Line reserves the right to transfer dangerous goods from a passenger carrying service to a designated freight sailing.
  • Cougar Line encourages passengers to advise in their advance bookings what dangerous goods that will be carrying to ensure that either:
    • Goods maybe carried on the passenger vessel, or
    • That goods are transferred to the nearest freight sailing for delivery
  • Passengers who turn up without warning do run the risk of their dangerous goods being delivered at a later freight sailing.
  • The non-declaration of dangerous goods could result in the cancellation of future travel with Cougar Line
  • If Maritime NZ and Cougar Line safety standards have been intentionally or unintentionally compromised, legal action may be taken
  • Goods are transported "at limited carriers risk"

For more information about transporting dangerous goods see the NZTA website

Carriers Liability

  • the Contract and Commercial Law Act (Part 5, Subpart 1) - which covers the carrier's liability for loss or damage to items while they are with the carrier  (Covers unintentional damage or loss caused by the carrier of up to $2,000 (incl GST) per unit
  • the Consumer Guarantees Act which covers any other losses if the carrier doesn't carry out their service with reasonable skill or care (covers intentional damage or loss to the declared value of the goods.


Where your goods are greater than the limited carriers risk, then we would suggest that you organise your own insurance.

Download Dangerous Goods Transport Declaration

This form must be filled out and attached to any dangerous goods being transported on Cougar Line vessels.

Dangerous Goods Transport Declaration