Whether you need groceries, chilled or frozen goods, commercial or private laundry, a generator, firewood, building supplies, furniture or fuel transported, talk to us about transporting it around Queen Charlotte Sound/Tōtaranui location.

Scheduled freight departures from Picton will now operate on the following days and times:

WINTER TIMETABLE: May - September 2024



Please don't hesitate to call if you want freight delivered outside of this schedule.

Freight Services & Pricing Information

Minimum $30 freight charge (this is the minimum cost when we are not travelling into the bay. We encourage residents to order in bulk with a neighbour, so they only incur the $30 minimum)
Clients will be charged a storage fee starting at $5 per day for the storage of any freight that sits in our office longer than 24 hours

Washing machines, ovens, dryers, fridges (standard size)

Fridges, freezers

Large generators







Building Supplies

Concrete (pre-mix bags)

Iron roof sheets








$10 each

$10 each

$10 minimum

Dangerous Goods

We are certified to transport dangerous goods safely on Sounds Navigator. 





Charged by volume.


Price on application




$120/cube delivery


Gas Bottles

9kg bottles

45kg bottles (LPG & CO2)




$15 each (complimentary return delivery for empty bottles)

$40 each (complimentary return delivery for empty bottles)


Boxes or polystyrene bins




$5 each (minimum $30 charge applies)


House Furniture

Beds (King/Queen/Double/Single)


Lounge suites or other oversized items










$5 per bag 



Ride-on lawnmower

Outboard motors (5-30hp)

Golf Carts & ATV's motorbikes









1100L bins




$200/return (complimentary return delivery for empty bins)


Carriers Liability

  • the Contract and Commercial Law Act (Part 5, Subpart 1) - which covers the carrier's liability for loss or damage to items while they are with the carrier  (Covers unintentional damage or loss caused by the carrier of up to $2,000 (incl GST) per unit
  • the Consumer Guarantees Act which covers any other losses if the carrier doesn't carry out their service with reasonable skill or care (covers intentional damage or loss to the declared value of the goods.


Where your goods are greater than the limited carriers risk, then we would suggest that you organise your own insurance.

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To book space on our vessel, please ring ahead on 03 573 7925 or email us for a quote for your specific delivery needs.

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